Growing Light -George Ella Lyon

I write this poem
Out of Darkness
To you
Who are also in darkness
Because our lives demand it.

This poem is a hand on your shoulder
A bone to touch to go with you
Through the hard birth of vision
In other words, love
Shapes this poem

                       Is the fist that holds the chisel
                       Muscle that drags the marble
                      And burns with the weight
                      Of believing a face
                      Lives in the stone
                      A breathing word in the body.

I tell you
Though the darkness
Has been ours
Words will give us
Give our eyes, opened in promise
A growing light.


This poem speaks to those who choose to be in Advent—and also to those whose “lives demand” a season like Advent (and most do, at some point) a season of deep night, a season that has to hold onto hope that this time has its purpose, as a “breathing word in the body” that has not yet been spoken. We stay awake to the promise that there is a growing light. This poem speaks to the reality that we are not alone in our waiting (I write this poem to you out of darkness, who are also in darkness) even though its hard to sense the presence of another in those deep nights of the soul. This poem promises there is presence. Let that open your eyes to the growing light.

“Growing Light” on the 6th day of Advent


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